Thursday, February 2, 2012

More remodeling dust

The remodel of the house continues, with day to day dramas that are wildly important that day, but sort of get washed over with the next day's drama.

We got a bid back on the greener of the two pieces of granite, never heard about the other one.  It was high but reasonably so.  Fine.  We proceed and meet with someone at the tile store to get some help narrowing down our options.  I choose, I buy tile, the installers come and tile the floor.

I get a phone call from the granite guy, apparently that particular piece of granite was sold a year ago, the boss just forgot to mark it.  He can't sell it to me.  For crying out loud they're already cementing the matching tile to my bathroom wall!!!
I frantically drive down the mountain to look at more bone yards.  I don't find much, whatever good stuff I find is, again, already sold.  I can't decide if the greener granite guy was lying to me (did someone come in with a check in hand saying I'll pay you right now?!?)  I decide to call him the next morning to see if the other piece he had, the Sequoia, is available.  
I call and he says he'll give me a bid on that, and there is another piece of Victoria Regia (the green one) available but the finish is different.
I drive ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE VALLEY to look.  The Victoria Regia is horrible, all gray and scratched, you can't see the colors at all. Yuck.
He says he'll give me the Sequoia for the same price as he quoted me on the nice Victoria Regia, even though their cost for it is three times as much.  Again, I don't know if he's blowing smoke or not but he assures me the Sequoia is more of a showpiece granite, and a really nice piece.  It is nice, it matches my accent tile really well, and even has a little green vein running through it I hadn't noticed before.
I take it.
The tile guys had to stop because now we're waiting for the cabinet, and then the granite countertop will go on top of that, and then the tile guys can finish.  So far it's gorgeous, I'm really pleased.  I'll have to take pictures.  
The new windows should come tomorrow, the tile guys will continue tiling the shower area but then they'll have to stop.  The contractor wants to paint tomorrow, I haven't picked a color yet. The cabinet comes Monday, the granite template and installation will be after that, the shower floor material will be ready on Wednesday.  The doors should come the end of next week or beginning of the next.
But tonight I'm just happy the kids are in bed and the kitchen is kind of clean.  I haven't started on taxes and the calendar I usually make my mom and family for Christmas is nearly done.  I've changed it, it's going to be a March to March calendar.

I'm sure there were other, more significant things I should be writing about, but I can't remember them.  It's all lost in the remodeling drama. 

Oh, and the drama that we leave on the 16th for AUSTRALIA!! hehehehe

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  1. I don't envy you the drama! We are looking at finishing our basement and oh boy, has the process been enlightening...


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