Monday, February 27, 2012


We just got back on Saturday from a week in HAWAII!  

It had started as a week in New Zealand, where Hubby's going for the next week, then it looked like a week in Sydney, where Hubby's going for the week after his week in New Zealand, then reality finally struck us full in the face and we realized a week on the other side of the planet really means three or more days getting there and back, a couple days of jetlag, and actually only a day or two to enjoy New Zealand, or Sydney.  So Hubby had the brilliant idea of all of us going to Hawaii, then he'd go on to New Zealand and the girls and I would come home.

We had a marvelous time!  We relaxed!  We enjoyed ourselves in a wide variety of ways!  I'm going to make a list:

snorkled (twice)
beached (twice)
ate out (twice, once at Bubba Gump's and once at a luau, and once at Denny's which doesn't actually count)
slept late (a lot)
stayed up late (a lot)
got up early (once)
drove (a lot)
read (a lot)
paddled kayaks
boogie boarded
swam in the ocean
swam in the pool
got a Sharpie tattoo of a turtle (one of us did, anyway)
made fish out of palm leaves
learned and forgot some Hawaiian words
ate poi (yuck)
ate a bunch of other foods on the luau buffet

We saw
Sea turtles resting on the beach (4 different turtles, 2 different beaches)
black sand
white sand
blue water
black volcanic rocks (more of that than I thought ever possible)
glow from a volcano (OOOH SOO COOL!)
2 different vacation rental homes
palm trees
verdant green stretches of hillside
the Captain Cook monument
swimming sea turtles (I didn't see them, though)
TONS of different kinds of fish
an eel
dancing natives

It was a wonderful trip, we had a great time.  I think, however, if we're going back to the islands, we'll probably choose Maui or Kauai over the big island.  There was just too much black volcanic rock.  Maybe if we'd stayed on the north side, my opinion would be different. But we stayed on the south west side, where there is black volcanic rock, and more rock, and more rock.  And over there some more black volcanic rock.  Sitting on top of a bed of black volcanic rock.  Surrounded by a wall of black volcanic rock.  In front of an entire landscape of black volcanic rock.
There may be more pictures later, because I did get some good ones.  But until then, here are a couple that I emailed to myself.

That is volcano glow behind the girls!

The most beautiful beach, which was a 30 minute hike over, you guessed it... volcanic rock!

Notice the very black sand beach on which the turtle rests.
all right that's enough for one night.

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