Wednesday, September 15, 2010

September 2003

One of my favorite pictures in the world is the one with Thing 1 and the tomatoes. One of my regrets is I don't still have the digital source, so I can't blow it up to poster size.

Sent: Friday, September 19, 2003 10:03 AM
Subject: babyphotos


I've not been keeping up with my photos... And I'm
not sure which ones I've sent and which I haven't.

Here are the latest.

One of the things we got for Thing 2 was a baby gym.
Thing 1 seems to think it's neat too. She wiggles under
it sometimes to hang out.

Thing 1 also helped me in the garden recently. I
thought she was playing in the sandbox and nearly
stepped on her when she quietly came up behind me in
the garden. She started saying "Helper!" and was soon
helping me pull weeds. Then she saw me examining the
tomatoes, and before I knew it she helped me pick some.
Unfortunately she doesn't distinguish between red and
green tomatoes, calling them all apples and happily
picking them.

My grandmother turned 96 on Thursday, and Thing 1
and 2 and I went to visit her. This is the three of
them on the couch. Thing 2 got her middle name from
my grandmother's mother.

(My grandmother died about 3 years later. She was a lovely lady. She didn't always get her wig on straight, but she'd suggest we go down to the lobby sometimes for our visits instead of just staying in her room. She was so happy to show off her great-grandbabies to the other residents of the facility where she was. We always attracted quite a crowd.)

Hope everyone is doing well!

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