Tuesday, September 14, 2010

June 2003

Here's a babe-e-mail from June of 2003:

Sent: Sunday, June 15, 2003 9:06 PM
Subject: summer pics


I hope everyone is having a good summer!

We're keeping very busy, and thought I'd throw out a
few more baby pictures. Or should I say Toddler

Thing 1 is really into cleaning right now. She has to
help me all the time, with everything, though of
course it's usually at a significant cost to how she's
dressed. Gardening can be really messy... I digress.
The first picture is of Thing 1 helping my mom clean the
cushions for their patio furniture.

The next picture is Thing 1 swiffering the kitchen
floor. I've started just leaving one of the cloth
things on the swiffer mop between times I use it,
because it frustrates Thing 1 when she pulls out the swiffer and the rubber of the bare pad sticks to the
floor. In this picture, it is unfortunate that you
don't have the audio of Thing 1 grunting as she pushes
the swiffer into the corner.

One afternoon last week I took
Thing 1 to the zoo. For Thing 1, none of the animals;
the elephants, monkeys, zebra, giraffe, none of them
can hold a candle to the ducks. We spent a good 45
minutes at the duck pond, until I ran out of change
for duck food. What you can't see is behind her
sunglasses she is crying for another quarter for the

I'm sorry if I'm overdoing it...

But I thought these were kind of cute.

We set up Thing 1's wading pool but she hadn't played in
it very long before she decided she'd rather sit on a
chair and dabble her feet in, like Hubby and I were

So these are a couple of pictures of Thing 1 lounging at
the pool... doing her best to be cool and grown up.
Only she's too short to get her feet in unless she
puts her tush right on the edge of the chair. Which
meant I had to keep one foot behind her chair to catch
her because she was somewhat off balance and kept
tipping over backward.

Also, For anyone I haven't told already... that large
inert figure in the denim dress next to Thing 1 is me,
7 and a half months pregnant. We're expecting baby
#2, another girl, the first of August.
Anyway, that's it...

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer weather!

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