Friday, June 4, 2010

hark, hark, the dogs do bark

The weather has been really nice today, for the first time this spring I think it crept toward 80 degrees. It dropped cool enough this evening to open up the house let some cooler outside air in. So an hour ago I was sitting in the kitchen and suddenly the dog freaked out in the back yard - using his deeper, Big Boy "I'm Seriously Gonna Open A Can With You" bark. I've only heard him do that once or twice before. His normal bark is kind of a sharp higher pitched bark, which is not what I would expect or choose for a dog of his size. I went out to the back yard to see what is going on, and couldn't see anything that would warrant a deep throated barking fit. My hushing him didn't affect his barking at all, he's looking over the fence at the neighbor's house and giving it his best "GO BACK TO HELL!!" bark... Suddenly I look up and froze... It was a scene right out of that M. Night (yes I had to look up the spelling) Shyamalan movie, "Signs," in which Mel Gibson has a crop circle problem... there's one shot in the movie where it shows the roof and there's an alien standing next to the chimney silhouetted against the night sky. The image has always sort of creeped me out... and there I am, looking at it on my neighbor's roof. I'm wondering how to respond when my neighbor's boyfriend calls down Hello, and tells me he's up there to summer-ize her swamp cooler. The conversation finally stopped the barking. Knowing it wasn't the alien from "Signs" seemed to have calmed Kelso down somewhat.

Not that I'm happy about the dog barking his head off, but that one was kind of justified. He's proving himself a good watchdog. I'm going to sleep better at night knowing he's downstairs waiting for a demon.
Hubby changed his flight to come home a day early - tonight instead of tomorrow. His plane should land in about half an hour. We only get him for two days (hence the flight change, it would have been just one day) so we'll have to get some quality time in. That's okay, he does quality very well.

Here's Kelso last week with his doggie cousins, Willo, Ruger, and Libby.

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