Monday, June 7, 2010

Baby Mails

Someone told me this theory about knocking your email file down to zero. So, because cleaning out my email is easier than cleaning my house, I decided to give it a go. I spent part of the day today browsing the 2000 plus old emails in my folder, 160 of them unread. I read a lot of them, but I think I accidentally erased a lot of them without being read... So there are a bunch of jokes people have sent me that I won't ever get.

I knocked my inbox down to a couple dozen emails, and about six unread emails I need to deal with, but my total counter of unread emails was still 84. I have a couple of files with storage backups in them, but there is one file with 54 unread emails. My Baby Mails folder.

I didn't start out as a blogger, not that I really am now, I really started out sending blanket emails to everyone who I thought would be interested, with pictures and little comments and explanations of them. Then when our house was robbed and my computer stolen and my baby diary was taken, one of my kind friends (who apparently never cleaned out her inbox, thank heaven) in an attempt to help me replace my diary, forwarded on to me all the baby emails I had sent. I didn't know quite what to do with them, so I dumped them in a file.

I was browsing through the file tonight, and found that the emails are not dated in the correct order. But they are funny, and cute, and show my kids growing up. And I want to save them. And I thought, what better way to save them than to put them here, where they probably would have gone anyway? I think I wrote better then... I hadn't lost so many brain cells to the lack of sleep - (I actually went to bed before 1:00 in the morning back then).
So I've decided to copy them up here. So here is the first one I could find, one of my first baby mails.

Sent: September, 2001 11:30 AM
Subject: She's Here!

We are very pleased to announce the arrival of

Thing 1

6 pounds 10 ounces
19 inches

Born 3:35 a.m.

Baby and I are both doing just fine!

I need Hubby to show me how to download more pictures
of her, so far the best one we have on the computer is

Here's another.
Sent: October, 2001 11:40 AM
Subject: Another photo!

Hey, here's another shot of our little sweetie!

Hope everyone is doing well! Thanks for all the kind
responses to my brag mails! ;-)

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  1. Your babies are really cute. They've grown so much!!! :)


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