Friday, June 25, 2010

A Day at the Lake

We went to the lake yesterday. It was absolutely lovely. Yesterday they were celebrating two of my nieces' birthdays. My brother has four lovely daughters, all with summer birthdays. With Father's Day and Hubby's birthday all in the same 8 day stretch as two of their birthdays, we just pounded their birthdays and father's day for my dad into one day at the lake. (Hubby's celebrations were separate, as he was back east for our day at the lake.)
I should have taken more pictures. It is quite a picturesque place. It is great to just relax on the porch... My dad brought his jacket, despite it being pretty warm.

But of course the big draw is the boat. Even my mom got in the boat - she was shuttled in the inner tube.

My girls had a fabulous time riding the inner tubes.

They call this tube a "chariot" because when you pull it from the other side and kneel, it's exactly that. But everyone liked it better to turn it backward and sit in it. The girls didn't get nearly as much water in their faces as with the other tube.

I mostly just rode in the boat, but my brother said I had to learn how to wake surf. So before we got off the lake, when the kids were tired of the tubes, I did. I hate to disappoint such a kind and generous man! I even got up every time, no false starts. It's SO much less work then waterskiing, doesn't wear out your hands at all. Apparently if you're really good you can let go of the rope and just ride the waves... My niece's friend took a video of me. She took a video of each of the three times I surfed, a whole video each time. It's kind of boring to watch me take my extra 30 pounds for a ride for three minutes, so I tried to edit it to just a few seconds. My computer isn't playing the audio, which is just splashing and engine rumbling.

The girls had a fabulous time and wanted to stay overnight and do the whole thing again today. They were very disappointed to learn they had to drive back with me.

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