Friday, March 12, 2010

Good Citizen

Each week for the past couple of months a student in Thing 2's first grade class has been chosen as the "Good Citizen," with various extraordinary privileges and fabulously important responsibilities.
Thing 2 has expressed her disappointment each week as she finds out she has not been called.  Her behavior has been exemplary, she receives high praise from the teachers, she leads the class in nearly every field; she is completely baffled as to why her teachers do not see her efforts and why she has been passed over time and again.  (I am not sure if humility is part of the equation.)
Today Thing 2 found she'll be the Good Citizen next week.  She has hardly touched down since the announcement.  There is no bad in her world because she is the Good Citizen.  She is beside herself waiting until Monday.
She pronounces it "good sitisent."

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