Monday, March 22, 2010

My famous husband

Hubby travels a lot.  He's in airports a lot.
He said that fairly often, once every week or two, someone comes up to him in an airport and asks him if he's Adam Savage. (He's not.)
If you didn't know who Adam Savage is, as I did not, he's the host of a Discovery channel show called Mythbusters.  I think one of their episodes should be dispelling the myth that my husband is Adam Savage.
Let's play a little game.  Can you pick which of these pictures is Hubby, and which is Adam Savage?

His face is kind of small, it's hard to see, but this is picture #1.

Do you know who it is?  

Ready for the next one?  Picture #2, more of a close-up.  Can you guess who that speaker is?  

Picture # 3.  I love this one.  Don't look at the logo in the lower left corner, it sort of gives it away.

This is #4.  Can you tell who that might be? 

Okay, next picture.  Who is this thoughtful looking person?  Picture # 5.  Can you tell?

How are you doing?  Are you having trouble telling them apart?  Apparently a lot of Discovery Channel viewers are...  
Here's the next one.   This one shouldn't be too hard, but you have to admit there are some similarities... This is Picture #6.  That winning smile could be none other than....  You tell me.

Now this one.  Who could that be?  Same leather jacket...  Hmmmm... Do you know?  This is Picture #7.

Ready for another?  Picture #8.  Any guesses?  Is it obvious?
Last one. This should be an easy one...  Picture #9.

 Okay.  Do you want the answers?

#1  This is Hubby.
#2.  This is Mr. Adam Savage.

#3.  This also is Mr. Savage, in case you hadn't already peeked at the Discovery Channel Logo.

 #4.  This thoughtful guy is Hubby. 
#5.  Mr. Savage. 

#6.  This one is an old picture of Hubby.  If you haven't noticed, one obvious clue is the glasses.  Old pictures of Hubby have smaller framed glasses, but since he got his new heavier frames, though they're square and Mr. Savage's are round, the identity confusion suddenly intensified.

#7.  Mr. Savage.  This one and the ones above and below sort of emphasize the similarities, I think.

#8.   Hubby. 

#9.   Mr. Savage.  If you know Hubby, you know I'd never tolerate his hair that long.  I like it shorter.  Though his shirt is cool, something Hubby would wear.  Hmmm....  I could get Christmas present clothing ideas from Mr. Savage's photos... That would be fun... Maybe they'd cross paths at some airport wearing the same tee shirt....  Har har har!

Well, how'd you do?  Could you tell them apart?

Come back next week for the next quiz, is it Thing 1, or is it the Wendy from Wendy's Hamburgers?


  1. They look alike, but I'm not sure I would mistake Jeff for the Discovery guy, but I know Jeff a lot better than I know the Discovery guy.

  2. Yeah, I'm sure the only ones who would get them confused are the people who haven't ever seen either of them in person. I think people are looking for someone interesting in airports - hoping to see some celebrity on their way somewhere.


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