Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hangman's Harder If You Lisp

I found a couple "Pocket Posh" puzzle books at Costco.  I bought a "hangman" one and flipped through the back to the answers, then put post-it flags on the ones the girls were more likely to understand (they have no idea who 'Justin Timberlake' is, but they know what 'strawberries' are).
Inside - well, it's easier to show than explain.  You erase the silver circle under the letter you're guessing.  If it's in the answer, erasing the silver will expose a number indicating that letter's position in the answer.
Thing 1 and 2 were working together and got really frustrated with their puzzle.  They finally asked my help.

They were missing one letter.  They had U_BRELLA.  "We already erased the N, and it's not the right answer!  We don't know what it is!!!"
Apparently I say um-bur-ell-a, and my kids are saying uN-brell-a.  I never noticed.

I was telling the story to Gravity - who suggested they must have gotten the M in Unbrella mixed up with the N in "Valentimes,"  I think he's right. 

Unrelated:  I took the dog to the vet's to look into a sedative JUST IN CASE he gets unbearable on our trip.  They weighed him in at 69.7 pounds.  I had decided he'd stop growing at 80 pounds, but at 8 months old he's still gaining ten pounds a month.  He's going to blow right by 100 and keep on going. 

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