Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I have always loved dogs. We had a couple of family dogs when I was growing up, with varying levels of success. I was sure that when I moved out of my parent’s house, I would get a dog.
I went out into the world only to find that an apartment that allowed a dog was much further out of the city, possibly more expensive or at least a crappier place for the same amount of money. Apparently it wasn't as important as I thought to get a dog after all. My dog dreams were put on hold indefinitely.

Well, I've been thinking that maybe the time has come. My requirements have changed, of course. I'm now looking for a dog that is
1) Fabulous with kids
2) A good watchdog
3) Trainable

Preferable size would be medium to medium large.
Coat options have gone from one end of the spectrum to the other - I've seriously considered poodles and collies, and several other breeds in between... Something that was a cross of those, or a German Shepherd, would be great.

I've spent whole days on the Humane Society website, classifieds, and rescue websites for different breeds. One lady who runs the Sheltie Rescue here (turns out Shelties would probably not be kid friendly enough for me, at least the ones she gets) recommended rescuing a Pit Bull from the pound, and gave me information on a couple that were due to be euthanized. I considered it, even went to look at some Pit Bulls. In many ways they sound great. They're a good size, they're protective and are good watch dogs, and if socialized they should be good with kids and other dogs.
However... They're Pit Bulls! Everyone I've told has had much the same reaction: a look of shock or surprise, and a suggestion that I look at another breed instead. The most influential comment I heard was that a friend who runs a kennel had said that Pit Bulls were the one breed that could never be trusted 100% to not turn on someone if provoked enough. My kids are great, but they have friends... and I HAVE to know that even if they were mildly abusing the dog it wouldn't bite anyone. NOT THAT I WOULD EVER LET ANYONE ABUSE IT... but the dog is higher on my expendability scale than the kids.

Anyway. It's kind of a dilemma.


  1. Yeah it's sad that the reputation of the pit bull is so bad. It'd be neat to have one that loves your kids, you could help change the stereotype... but I understand not wanting to deal with the hassle. Home owners insurance has been known to deny people with pitts too.

    Of course collies are great. :) Not too many in Utah, though. A Danish Swedish Farmdog would be perfect for you... LOL but they are very, very hard to get here in the US. ;)

  2. GET A BOXER!!!! They are soooo fun! I just got three, I will blog about it tomorrow. I was told they are friendly with kids, fun, loving and just a joy to have. I will also post pics. Good luck!!

  3. DUH. Raise a CCI puppy. You'd have an incredible dog while teaching your kids about giving to others, and you;d get to get a new fun pup every 16 months when you turn your dog in for Advance training. Takadi would be his friend. Check it out at


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