Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The girls didn't have school today (monday) and Hubby is in Brazil, so yesterday afternoon I took them for an overnighter to Grandma's. They played really well all day, and we made applesauce.

(I have a picture to put in here, but the blogger website is TOTALLY NOT WORKING and it FREEZES every time I try to add my picture. STUPID HEAD BLOGGER.COM!!!) (Did I mention it no longer has a spell checker on it? And there is no longer a movie-add button, functioning or not!)

Thing 1 has become our prayer sayer. She is volunteering a lot more regularly to say nightly prayers and blessings on the meals. She often rambles a little, blessing everyone everywhere in general, and praying stuff like: "Bless that everyone in the world will have good luck. And the people with good luck will have better luck." Stuff like that. My favorite in a while came the other night, she said, among other things, "Please bless that everyone's dreams will come true... ... tomorrow night."

Got that, God? You've got about 24 hours.

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