Saturday, October 10, 2009

Makin' movies

Last month I had the typical dilemma about what to get Thing 1 for her birthday. Then Hubby had an absolutely brilliant idea - we'd give her a digital stop motion animation program for her birthday. She absolutely loves the stop motion animation exhibit at the Children's Museum, and this way she could do it to her heart's content. He has his practically new but completely despised Vista computer, which he can't stand to use and prompted his move to the Mac Camp. What else is it good for? So he cleaned off most of his work and we loaded the new program on it.

This is her first EVER movie. It is a combination of Playmobil and Floam. I have to admit responsibility for the dripping white goo on the table. Everything else is Thing 1 and Thing 2. We learned a lot - we now tape the camera and the background to the table, and I have argued against the floam except for some special effects. Even little changes with the floam are kind of complicated because the kids kept picking up the pieces to manipulate them, and then couldn't get them back in the right spot.

She has made a sequel, but I want her to add sound to it before I release it to the world.

Coming soon:

Dragon Attack II

Watch for it in theaters near you!

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