Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tate Modern

We just have a hard time getting out of the flat. We have been letting the girls sleep in as much as possible... then Hubby had some emails and work related stuff to do. Crazy, but by the time we're up and moving it's nearly 2:00 pm. Then with the commute in... We got off on one tube stop only to find the sidewalk we were using to get to the museum was closed. We crossed the Thames instead of being able to walk up it, and walked on the other side up to the Millennium bridge, and walked down.

Thing 2 brought Elizabeth, the Welsh Corgi she purchased as a souvenir at the Tower.

The bridge is quite nice and something we wanted to walk along anyway.

Unfortunately I couldn't take pictures inside.
The most amazing exhibit was a giant table and chairs... my chin barely came up to the seat of one of the chairs, the bottom of the table was five feet or more above my head. The girls loved it, on their hands and knees they were about the size of mice. Or a little bigger, really, but telling them they're rats isn't as appealing as telling them they're mice.
Of course we didn't have as much time there as we'd have liked before it closed. We had made arrangements to go out toward Wimbledon to meet some friends of Hubby's from the conference for dinner. A lady originally from New Zealand has a house in East Putney, her husband is in Belgium (this is a real traveling society) but she works with Hubby, and used to live in Northern California, where he visited her before and met her kids. She has two, a five and three year old, the little one was too little to say much but the five year old butted heads a little with Thing 2 at six years old, they both like to be in charge.
Some other people from the conference were there, folks I've heard about but never met before It was nice, it's funny that hubby knows more people in Great Britain than he does around home.
The lovely hostess of the party hired a car for us back to Greenwich so we wouldn't have to take the tube with two sleepy girls. She must have instructed the driver not to tell us how much it cost, apparently, he was very cheerfully closed mouthed. Now hubby doesn't know how much to try and pay her back.

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