Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pig boys

Thing 2 came home from one of the first days of school and reported that one of the boys had poked her in the stomach, for no reason apparently. Not REALLY hard, but hard enough to tick her off. I said "Oh honey, boys bother you when they like you..."

Two days later I watched "He's Just Not That Into You" and sat there with my mouth hanging open at the beginning montage of women justifying men treating them terribly, with that same mantra, "boys treat you bad because they like you," and how positively twisted it is to teach our daughters that the men who love them are the ones that abuse them... It all fell together... how so many women look for love from the bad boys, the ones who don't treat them well...

Two days later we were going clothes-shopping with my mother, and one of the girls mentioned how some boy had been mean to her. Out of my mother's mouth came those words, the placating words to make you feel better when some one's being mean to you, about the boys that tease you doing it because actually they like you.

I went off on a rant about how we are NO LONGER going to think that way in this house... Those boys don't tease you because they like you, they tease you because they're boorish pigs! Pig boys, for a lack of a better term, as I need one that's clean enough for my daughters. If they like you, they should be nice to you. We do not tolerate being treated poorly... etc. etc. etc. I went on, but it gets repetitive and lectury here.

Wouldn't it be great if our daughters shunned the pig boys from the start?! GIRLS! Avoid the pig-boys!! Look for those kind, intelligent guys in the back, who are not being mean to you! Those are the ones you should date!!

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