Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thing 2 isms

Both girls are funny. Thing 1 is more sincere, and Thing 2 is more spontaneous.

* Thing 1 just asked Thing 2 if she liked cars.
Thing 2 said she liked some cars, just ones that are HOT. Ones that are HOT that have cheetah on the steering wheel.

* I pulled Thing 2 up to her feet after putting lotion on her after the bath. She pointed to the back of her throat and told me she had stuffing in there. Stuffing? I ask. Yes, she said. Like when I told her if I squeeze her too tight it would squeeze the stuffing out of her.

* Thing 2 was telling the neighbor Wytie and Thing 1 that her boyfriend at school is named ******. She loves him because his name starts with ****, like her sister. She told them ***** is so “handsome” that when she sees him she runs-into-the-bathroom-and-faints-and-runs-out. She said it kind of run together, like it was all the same action. “I’m not kidding!” she said again. “I run-into-the-bathroom-and-faint-and-run-out.”

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