Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Me and GE

It’s finally happening. After several years of waiting, followed by several months of looking for appliances, followed by several weeks of anticipation, the appliance swap has begun. A couple of weeks ago the contractor (Gary) took out the cabinet above the fridge and removed the big fake doors off the hood above the range. Then yesterday he came and took out the rest of the hood. Today, the stove and microwave came, and the delivery guys took the old stove away. Gary and his son Gavin installed the cabinet above the microwave so the installers can come tomorrow to install it. They also put in the cabinet above the refrigerator, and took out the rest of the cabinet around the stove.

The newly delivered stove is very pretty as it sits in its protective plastic wrappings, I just worry about keeping those neat front knobs clean. The last stove was covered with that greasy muck along the front knobs. There is more motivation to keep these clean, I suppose.

Tomorrow the new fridge comes and the old fridge goes, the microwave which is sitting in the dining room will be installed, and the oven which is sitting in the breakfast nook should be installed. Dinner tonight was kind of a combination of what can I cook in the toaster oven and the microwave, and what can I clear out of the fridge. Hopefully tomorrow if we’re eating out it will be because it’s easier, not because the major kitchen appliance isn’t connected.

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