Thursday, January 8, 2009


The work it takes to get out of the house in the morning is amazing. Having Hubby around makes it much easier, because it seems that without an adult standing above each girl gently reminding her or guiding her to her next objective, nothing would get done. I can’t just say “Finish your breakfast and get your clothes on!” I come back and they are sitting at the table playing with each other, empty plates and bowls in front of them, or they often wander off and turn on the TV. Thing 1 is especially plagued by this. I can put her clothes in her arms and instruct her to put them on, go into the next room to comb Thing 2’s hair and brush her teeth, and when I come back Thing 1 has dropped her clothes to the floor, sometimes she has removed the tops or bottoms of her pajamas, but sometimes neither, and is completely absorbed in examining the grain of the wood on the cabinets, or her toenail, or something equally as interesting. We made a no-whining chart for Thing 2, which seems to be helping, and a 1st time chart for Thing 1, which I don’t use enough.

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