Monday, May 12, 2008

Thing 2 cracks me up

We went to a singing concert for Thing 1’s school at Kingsbury hall tonight. Of course the only problem was that Hubby is in New York. Thing 1 did wonderfully, from what I could tell. My view was somewhat obstructed by the narrator and a music stand, but when he sat down I could mostly see her. She didn’t sing with the enthusiasm I would have expected on the bug song that she sang, which she has been singing around the house since the first of the year, but she made up for it on another song they sang, which was just charming.

There were two other songs she sang, one about out my window, the other about my heart is home, both of which the whole school sang. I got some video of it, but you can't see her at all. The kindergarteners were standing on the floor in front of the stage, and the only ones you could see was the line of kids in the front of the pack. But the songs were really neat, inspiring to have this whole school of kids singing the song, it really choked me up. All in all it was a really nice concert. The songs were wonderful, the kids did great.

The video is pretty grainy, and I was filming it with Thing 2 squirming on my lap, and was farther back than I would have liked, but you get the idea.

We came back and made mini cinnamon rolls, and I think the girls both ate too much. Thing 2 was complaining of a tummy ache. Thing 1 went into the bathroom and seemed to be taking a while. I went to the door to ask if she was okay and she said she’d had a BM (not her words) and had been burping, and wondered if she was going to throw up. I went in to kind of help her and make sure she turned around in time…

after a couple of minutes Thing 2 knocked on the door, and without opening it (Thing 1 has developed a sense of privacy, which Thing 2 nicely respected) her little hand reached in and put something on the bathroom counter. She hollered through the door that she had left something for Thing 1. When Thing 1 seemed settled and figured she probably wasn’t going to throw up I finally got a chance to see what Thing 2 had left her. It was one of the individual Pedialyte containers. She assured Thing 1 it was really yummy medicine and would make her feel better, though I don't think Thing 2 has ever tasted it herself.

My other favorite Thing 2 story of the day happened last week. We were sitting at breakfast and Thing 2 rather spontaneously announced out of nowhere that if she were drawing a mean face she would do this, and such, and draw the eyes so, and on and on as she was drawing in the air with her imaginary pencil. At the same time she was demonstrating her mean face. Not wanting to miss an opportunity, I brought Thing 1’s attention to Thing 2’s brow and how it went down in a V in the middle. Since Thing 1 is kind of my visual artist, it was a beautiful demonstration.
Not wanting Thing 2 to be left out, since Thing 1 was furrowing her brow to make a mean face too, I showed Thing 2 how it looked on Thing 1’s face. But I suppose as I really think Thing 1 might be the one to really get something out of this demonstration, I went back to pointing out Thing 2’s features to Thing 1. Besides, I think Thing 2 was really more into making the mean face. So I’m pointing this out. “Look, Thing 1, how her eyes get little, and she gets those lines on the bridge of her nose… and – Hey Thing 2, you don’t have a mean mouth! A mean mouth would be drawn down showing teeth, or a big frown, I think. And you’re smiling! You have mean eyes but a great big grin!” Thing 2 responded, and I quote, “That means I have a plan.”

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