Sunday, May 4, 2008

Newfound allergy

Just had a major scare. I was kneeling on the floor in the girl’s room folding clothes when suddenly my head felt funny – a really strong pulse in my head. I got up to look in the mirror and sure enough my face was really red…. I didn’t know what to do, walked back into the girl’s room and the pulse is throbbing really strongly in my head… I laid down, didn’t help. I was feeling pretty darn awful, and started wondering if I’d be able to drive myself to the emergency room, or if I’d need an ambulance.

I came downstairs and fired up my computer and tried looking up “pulse in head” and, wondering if it might be related to the three brazil nuts I’d just eaten a few mintues before, typed in Allergy. I wasn’t getting much help. About this time I felt compelled to add “nausea” but before I could get much from that I went in the bathroom and threw up.  And again.

My body seems to be good at purging. I feel quite a bit better, though my face still feels terribly swollen, my nose is COMPLETELY stuffed up – Hubby told me it looks swollen too, and it’s almost hard to open my eyes in my swollen face. I think I want to go to bed. I’m just awfully glad Hubby is here. The drive to the emergency room with the girls in tow would have been really awkward.
 So apparently I'm allergic to Brazil nuts.
Hubby had the audacity to suggest I was overreacting.
He wasn't the one who thought his pulse was going to blow his brains out.

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