Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cold and flu season

Unfortunately, on his way out of town Hubby’s cold jumped to all of us. Sunday, the same night he left, the girls and I started feeling crappy, and yesterday it settled in good and hard. I woke up to find 8 inches or so of snow on the ground. Luckily our very kind neighbor shoveled the front, but before I can go anywhere in the car I’m going to have to dig out the back. Which sounds unappealing, as I’ve got a nasty cold and all I want to do is sleep. I am afraidI’m going to have to do it sometime, though.
Thing 2’s colds have a tendency to turn into croup, and last night she cried that she couldn’t breathe. I dragged her mattress into my room and set up a croup tent for her. That’s another advantage of those little IKEA mattresses, they’re somewhat portable. She doesn’t like it in there, and whined a fair amount, and at about 5:00 in the morning when I was coming back from helping Thing 1 with something I found Thing 2 crawling into my bed. She told me “I’m finished.” Finished with what? With the croup. She didn’t want to be in the tent anymore. Poor little rabbit.
I hate feeling this crappy, hate when they feel this crappy, and there’s all sorts of things we’ll be missing out on. I don’t imagine the girls will be healthy enough to go to school tomorrow.

Oh, and did I mention that taking asprin for my headache has launched a nasty case of hives? I look like some twisted human dalmation, and can barely control the urge to rake my fingernails across my welted spotty flesh…

Oh, and Thing 1’s tooth is hurting her again. I think this is one of the previous ones we’ve had filled before… one that has already abscessed once before and had to be refilled. Poor little muffin.

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