Monday, July 1, 2013

Good Dog

Kelso picks up socks and gloves and walks around the house whining with them in his mouth.  We can leave all sorts of other articles of clothing out and he ignores them... but socks and gloves, clean or dirty, get carried around, accompanied by a sort of imploring whine.

He did this once with some donuts a friend of mine made... little hard donuts that we couldn't eat all of. Once we had eaten all we could there was a couple left in the bottom of a paper bag, I put them next to the trash to go out next time we went out.  Apparently the paper bag unrolled, and Kelso got himself a donut, which he then carried, whining, around the house, until he got my attention and I took it away from him and tossed the rest of the donuts in the trash.  It was like he was saying "I know I'm  not supposed to eat this.  But you need to put it away.  Because it's bugging me.  Please clean up after yourselves better."

We ate outside tonight.  Pork Roast grilled on the swanky new grill Hubby bought himself for his birthday.
There was a little bit of Roast left over.  A piece about the size of a smallish apple.  As we were shuttling the dishes and plates into the house when we were done, somehow the little end of leftover pork roast went missing.  I don't know if it fell off the cutting board somehow, or if he helped himself to it, but the girls were sitting in the front room when the dog walked into the house, whining.  Only he didn't have a sock, he had the roast.  Which he carried carefully in his mouth, not biting, or chewing.  Just whining.  He gave it up when we asked, and of course I treated him...
But why didn't he eat it?
I threw it away.

But he is such a good dog.

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