Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rushing to bed

Just wanted to catch up quickly, before I get to bed because if I do one thing this year, it's get to bed.  So I can get enough sleep so I can have enough energy to get through the day so I can drop a few pounds.  Okay, two things.  Just the two things, get to bed and lose some weight, if I made New Year's resolutions, that I would resolve.

Today was a good day.
Thing 1 had a field trip to "The Norwegian Center" that I thought would involve snow-shoeing, or alpine skiing, or some other cool equipment, but I think the lack of snow kept it pretty much a hike in the mountains.  Just her and about seven other kids with the two guides from the center.  She had a marvelous time.  After I heard her describe all the wonderful details to Hubby on speaker phone just before bed, I tried to congratulate her on "finding some joy" and not dwelling on the bad part of the day - homework was pretty nasty, long division that she really struggled with.  We're still working on finding the joy, but she seems to be happier, overall.

I found a little joy myself, in the form of a piece of marble I found in someone's marble bone yard for the basement vanity top!  Yippeee!  A lovely little piece of Rainforest Brown marble, all shot with browns and greens and a deep red vein going through it...  It was just so satisfying to have made a decision... though it is the third decision I've made, the other two got tossed aside for the next decision that came along.  I think this one's a keeper, though.  Now I just have to pick the wall tiles, the floor tile, the knobs and drawer pulls, the sink faucet, and the towel racks.  And whatever else.  But hey, I've got a countertop!
So this is NOT the piece of marble I found, but it is a full slab of a very similar piece of marble I found on the internet.  I'm going to bed and am too lazy to upload the picture of the actual piece of marble from my phone.  But it looks a lot like this.

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