Monday, January 9, 2012

The kids are at school, so who is doing all that whining?

Like a slowly opening door that needs to be oiled.  A long, sad, drawn-out squeak.  
It's the dog.  Somehow he can tell the difference between weekends and weekdays, and he knows it's a weekday, and there's absolutely NO GOOD REASON for me to not be walking him.  WHAT?  I just got back from dropping the girls off at school, this is HIS TIME!!!  Why would I park myself in front of the computer and read some random person's blog when I SHOULD BE WALKING WITH HIM!  Who cares if it's 19 degrees outside?!?   He's alternately pacing around the house, looking at me expectantly, barking tentatively at the windows, and sitting next to me emitting a high sad squeaky whine.
So I'm not blogging, I'm going to walk the dog.  Though I'm pausing long enough to take a couple pictures because even though he's annoying, he's a big fluffly cutie.

Come on, Mom!  WALKIES??  Please??!

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