Monday, November 7, 2011

The New Kid

I have very little to complain about... but I can usually find something.  Mostly the same old things recycled.  I'm good at recycling.

I posted a while ago that Thing 1 was having trouble adjusting...  It's still got me upset.  I volunteered at the school's book fair, one of the very nice mothers who was also volunteering asked how the kids were adjusting and to my horror and embarrassment I started to cry.  Great.  In addition to whatever personal issues she's having, her mother is a blubbering idiot.  Great.

We've found a few more friends for both girls, but consistently find more likely seeming ones for Thing 2.  She found a friend on the school playground who isn't even in her class, but they have so much in common, and she seems like a really lovely little girl.Thing 1 still struggles.  She finds friends but she's much slower about it and they're not as good a fit.  Everything is painful.  Her school work has shown improvement,  nearly up to the levels I would expect, but she is very reluctant to go and lets her dread of the upcoming school week color her her weekend.  
She also hates church so desperately, she asked if I could "home-church" her, and started calling it "the C word."


Still struggling.

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  1. I hear ya! And I'm really bad at recycling btw. Haven't seen you in a while...


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