Sunday, August 7, 2011

Talapia Night

7:30 at night is not the ideal time to open the fridge and start trying to figure out what's for dinner.  
But hey, I Yam what I Yam.  And what I yam is not a cook.

 Yes, that's right, I'm not a COOK.

We eat differently when Hubby is in town.  What is for me and the girls a slap together catch whatever you can kind of meal gains more focus when he's around.  There are actually side dishes.  There is more of an attempt to have everything on the table when the meal starts, instead of a main dish surrounded by whatever I can think of as the meal goes on, prepared on the table as the meal is in progress... for example, a sliced apple.  Does anyone want some apple?  Apple, cutting board, and knife are invited to the table.  How about olives?  Yeah?  Okay, can opener, bowl, can, all come to the table.

The exception is Talapia.  Talapia is something the girls will eat but Hubby finds too boring and too fishy.  So we eat Talapia when he's not around, I have my fishy fix for the week and prepare a sauce that involves a little wasabi paste, mayonnaise, lemon juice and bread crumbs for myself and the girls get theirs baked with butter and salt, as naked plain white as the day it was born.  I usually microwave steam some broccoli - the only vegetable both girls willingly eat.  It's as close as we usually come to a real sit-down planned-out dinner when Hubby's not here.

Tonight caught me off guard.  Hubby is in town but is involved in a conference that is also in town.  I thought maybe we'd have pizza with our out of town guests, but surprise!  They're still at the conference. Hubby has to take the colleague he's been preparing with all afternoon that he'll be presenting with tomorrow back to the conference and pick someone else up from the airport and drop them off at the conference.  It's like he's not here, but he is...

So at 7:30 I'm opening the fridge... nothing.   Freezer.... Talapia.  At 7:34 I'm writing this as the Talapia does a quick thaw in the sink and the oven heats up.  We should be eating by 8:00.  Or maybe 8:15.  However there is no broccoli in the fridge...

Olives are a side dish, aren't they?


Surprise!  Hubby just called, he dropped off the airport buddy and is headed home for dinner.  Talapia is certainly better for his cholesterol than whatever he'd get from a drive up window, and I'm happy I didn't skimp on the overly large fillets that I'm heating up for the girls.  I'll just add some extra Wasabi to the side sauce.  Hopefully it will burn off the taste of the fish.

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