Friday, August 12, 2011

It was a great party but I have no evidence...

Just one washed out photo from my phone.  My real camera battery died, and the charger is packed up in a box somewhere.  I've been using my phone for everything, and the memory is full.  It seems like I go in and erase 20 pictures, take two, and it's full again.

So all the evidence I have that Thing 2's birthday party was a roaring success is one photo.
And it's not of the 10 kids who came, or all the fun times they had... it's of the cake.  And I need to say the cake was even cuter than it shows in the picture.  It was just like a little stuffed animal on a tray.  Vanilla cake with strawberry filling. 

We went to Color Me Mine and the two girls there took care of us beautifully.  The other mom whom I'd asked to help out was pretty much my chatting companion while the kids all painted their little figurines.  Then had watermelon, carrots, and cheetos, then cut the cake and had presents.  It was glorious because it wasn't in my house.  All I had to do was show up and pay.

Which is good because I've come down with a nasty head cold.  I sound like a talking disposal and have a headache and am exhausted.

My mom and dad are coming tomorrow to help us box some stuff up to put in the 2nd POD that is now sitting in front of my house, POD VERSION 2.  The movers are coming on Tuesday, and Tuesday night we are out of this house and will drive north to stay at Grandma's while we wait for the closing of the Park City house.

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