Thursday, March 17, 2011

A visit from the Leprechauns

Two leprechauns came to  our house last night.  This is not our first leprechaun visit and now each year it becomes more and more expected.  I see this as a problem.
The leprechauns have made it a habit to visit only the girls' room, where they arrange stuffed animals in the middle of the floor, move things around the room, hang underpants from the ceiling fan, and sometimes hide chocolate coins around.
This is the 2nd year that letters were exchanged.  The girls ask the leprechauns, who seem to travel in pairs, questions about where they're from, what it's like to be small, and where they get their gold.  The leprechauns reply in tiny tiny font that can barely be read.
This year the girls hit the jackpot and found nearly 90 chocolate coins around their room (they counted, not me).  I suspect they may find 10 more if they'd clean up a little more, but I'm not sure.
All I know is the leprechaun visits are taxing on me, and every year it seems to get more and more of a production.  I asked if the girls had told anyone at school about their leprechaun visit.  Thing 2 said yes, she'd told a bunch of people.  Another girl in her class was also visited and received the chocolate coins.  Thing 1, in third grade, said she only told a couple people and wasn't as forthcoming about the whole thing.
I wonder how long the leprechauns will be welcome... how much longer this will go on.  I expect we're soon approaching the point where these kinds of visits will become less of an ordeal, and then will abruptly end.  Which will be both a relief and a very sad thing.

Hubby comes home tomorrow, which will be awfully nice as he's been gone almost two weeks.

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  1. I wish I knew about those dastardly leprechauns when my kids were little. Now they are old enough that they would just grumble and say "somebody put green food coloring in the toilet - it wasn't me - can I borrow the car?"


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