Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Wanna Iguana

Thing 1 needs art. She joneses for it. She MUST draw.  
Once when we were at the State Fair standing in the rabbit warehouse, she was nearly shaking when she turned to me and said "Do you have some paper?"  I just happened to have a tiny little notebook from Hubby's work.  "And a pen or pencil?"  In my checkbook.  She just HAD to draw the rabbits.  Not that it was a totally realistic rendering or anything, she just NEEDED to record her experience on paper.  That's how she's wired.
So when she moved from 2nd grade to 3rd and the level of daily art expression allowed dropped dramatically, so did her spirits.
It took me a while, but I figured out a good art class and got her in it.
She has been much less like a drug addict in withdrawal ever since.  She'd be happy if art class was every day, though, instead of once a week.

Today they drew from a model.  Of course models in art class are often kind of along the lines of this:

But these are elementary school kids.  This was their model.

The model was the teacher's pet iguana.  Named Pickles.  Pickles is about 17 years old, and weighs "about as much as a fat cat."  He eats vegetables (NOT CRICKETS!!!) and is extremely tame.  Totally open to being picked up.  And handled.  By ten extremely interested kids.  And their siblings.  And their parents.  He was incredible!
I understand that not all iguanas are as friendly as Pickles.  But I'm understanding my kid's philosophy to trade up in the pet department.  I like our gecko, but hate the crickets.

That is a wicked awesome pet.
Besides, I just like saying it.

I wanna iguana.

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  1. OOOHHHHH!!!! I've always wanted an iguana. I love them. I've been fascinated with them since I was a kid. My dad was watching one of those 80's drug lord movies and the wicked cool drug lord had a pet iguana that would sit on his shoulder. Much like a parrot and a pirate. That's when I aspired to become a drug lord with a pet iguana on my shoulder. Thanks Dad!

    So glad you found a new love for iguanas. They live forever! Over 25 years in captivity (and of course a healthy home). It's worse than raising kids! Hey...maybe you could get one, then when Thing 1 goes off to college she could take it with her. Much better than being left with the chirping crickets. ;)


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