Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tent City

In my description of myself I wrote - well, you can read it for yourself, right there to the right.
So it was pretty amusing to me that this afternoon the girls constructed not one, but two tent forts.  Thing 2 built hers in the family room, and Thing 1 built hers in the living room.  Between the two of them they've confiscated nearly every blanket and chair in the house.

Thing 1 claimed the dining room chairs first, but then Thing 2 trumped her by claiming the whole family room. Not many tent forts can claim a 42 inch flat screen TV.


  1. Ha ha! My boys are HUGE into the tent forts. I am constantly cleaning them up. They are quite fun though.

  2. I LOVED building forts when I was a kid. I have fond memories of kicking my brother and sister out of my fort. Thing 2 is very smart!


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