Saturday, October 9, 2010

Party Edition

I don't think I've won anything in my life except for a cakewalk in 3rd grade, when I won a somewhat tired looking cake slathered in crusty  boiled icing.  It was my first experience with boiled icing, I remember finding it fascinating, and picking off large divinity like chunks of it.  My mother raised her eyebrows when she saw me coming with my wonderful prize, which I remember because it was certainly not the reaction I was looking for, and I think her comments were somewhat restrained.  I believe I was the only one who ate a piece before it found its final resting place, plate and all, in the trash.

This week I won a drawing on the wonderful Buried With Children blog. I confess I probably should have told the lovely Jen to pick another winner because my kids are a little older than the target audience for this level of Dr. Suess, but the thrill of winning and the possibility of bequeathing this anniversary addition of Green Eggs and Ham upon my progeny or some other worthy child was too tempting to pass up.

The book arrived in this morning's mail, and it is certainly shinier and prettier than the edition I read to my own kids, with a glossy metallic orange cover and the "50th Anniversary" label in the corner. Just beautiful. Thank you, Buried With Children!!!!

What gave me pause, though, was the words "Party Edition" printed on the cover.  "Party Edition"?  I looked through the book, but found nothing different from previous editions... Sam I Am didn't raise a glass to toast the eventual consumption of the Ham and Eggs...  There are no musical notes wafting from a Suessian sound system on the last page while the furry critters shook their collective groove thangs...  I see Sam I Am as more of a loud music and beer kind of partier, where the Do Not Like guy as maybe more of a Wine and Cheese sort of individual.  Neither sort of celebration is depicted.  So I guess it's a make your own sort of party.  But it's a lovely thing to have won, and totally eclipses the Boiled Icing Cake.

The other joy of my life is that I have finished the Primary program. I should distribute it to the other members of the presidency to have them give it a once over before I copy it to distribute parts to the children, but I'm still in my pajamas, despite the fact that it is 4:15 pm. 

And last but not least on my list is the 12 quilt blocks, of which I have completed 5. I think I can knock out the last 7 tomorrow, the exchange is on Monday.  Here is one block, I'll post pictures of the whole thing after we exchange.
I am too lazy to get out my real camera to take a picture, and upload it to my computer, but not too lazy to try four times (unsuccessfully) to get a picture from my phone that isn't blurry. Sorry.

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  1. Congrats on winnign that book. It's a timeless treasure!!! And you quilt? I'm so jealous of your crafty talents!


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