Monday, August 23, 2010

Pat and Luke Road Trip

Two of the most fabulous people on earth spent the weekend with us. They're on a visit from their native land of Britain, not just any Britain, but Great Britain. Pat is keeping a blog with photos and videos. We had a really marvelous time with them, they are gracious and funny and great company, the only problem was that they didn't stay longer.

We took them to the Gilgal Sculpture garden. I've lived here most of my life and never seen this before. Of course there was lots of conversation about how absurd everything was, especially the crazy brick pants those pioneers wore.

We took them to the Olympic Park.
I took this picture of Thing 2 just before the gate opened and she and I went down the zip line. She was excited but a little scared. The first time. 2nd time it was all fun.

You had to be over 100 pounds to ride the big zip line, and the girls are too small. So bless Pat's heart he stayed down and played with them while Luke, Hubby, and I took the big zip line. Luke lagged at the beginning, but he beat me at the end.

Luke rode everything but the bobsled, and Pat rode the bobsled. We got to watch the bobsled before we went down it.

I wanted to video the bobsled ride too, but no, there's way too much shaking going on for that. I barely survived the ride, gripping the sides for dear life and hoping my whole body didn't just spontaneously disintegrate. But we were fast, boy howdy. We had the best time of the day (so far).

Luke enjoyed Kelso, I think he misses Charley. Kelso slept by Luke's bed while he was here.

Thing 1 and 2 just enjoyed having someone else to horse around with.

The girls were very disappointed to see them go. Luke had been suggesting to Pat that he (Luke) stay on, so he could see Disneyland, Arches, basically everything else they haven't been able to pack into this trip. The girls are still working on their abilities to discern when they're being teased or not and they took this talk seriously. When we were reviewing what would happen the next day as we were tucking them in last night Thing 2 conspiritoraly told us that Luke is actually staying on, hadn't we heard? She was very upset when we assured her they were both leaving today. We completely foiled her plans to adopt Luke as her big brother.

Just before they got on their bike and rode away, off toward that horizon...

It could be argued that now it's our turn to go back to England to visit them. Either way, we look forward to their next visit.


  1. That was really cool. I'm glad it all worked out. And the new Murphy? That work out, too?

  2. "Gracie and Zoe are the politest, brightest and most charming little girls I have ever come across. I live in hope that Luke will meet and settle down with someone like them when he is older." - Pat's blog

  3. I'm embarrassed to say that I procrastinated too long and we only had the bed, not the Murphy. The Murphy takes a couple of months and I should have started that when I started thinking about it in June.

  4. What a fun time! I love your little giggle on the zip line. I miss speed. I gotta do that.

  5. Those non-moving bicycles look like weird pieces of modern art.


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