Monday, August 16, 2010

One reason to live in the mountains

I was just reading a blog about a beetle and thought I'd mention the HUGE FREAKING beetle that climbed on my back while in the pool in Orlando.
I felt something on my back, thought it was my swimsuit ties, and ignored it... but then I felt it move... and looked on my shoulder to see this.

No kidding, the thing was a good two inches long, not counting the huge pinchers off its front end. It would help if there was a hand in the photo so you could see how big these things get. If I hadn't been standing in the swimming pool I would have tried to capture it for science, but I was feeling a little vulnerable. I brushed it off my back without screaming (my superhero training took over) and it started swimming toward Thing 2. I warned her off, she scooted out of its reach and it turned back to me. It started swimming toward me, or whoever else was closest. It was totally creepy.

It finally gave up and swam into the drain ledge around the pool. I got the attention of a pool guy who came with a net. But he couldn't get the net into the ledge to get at the bug. I had to scoop it out from the drain ledge using my bare hand and my superhero skills, which are what kept me from fleeing to the other side of the pool bellowing in horror. The pool guy caught it with his net. I might add he never got closer than the other end of a five foot pole from the thing.

I googled "giant water insect Florida probiscus" and found that it is called a giant water bug. They don't have these kinda things where I live.


  1. Oh my Ick!!!! I am so impressed with my superhero sister!!! Way to go. I am afraid I would have screamed!!! (Notice the exclamation points.)

  2. Would have grossed me out, too. But I'm not afraid of spiders (except tarantulas).

  3. FREAKY!!!!
    We have a million box elder bugs all around here but they are tiny and harmless. They drive me insane but I'll still take them any day over that giant water beetle any day. I would have shrieked like a banshee if it was on me!


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