Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hurry Home, Daddy

Hubby has a three week trip. He has only been gone this long once before. Usually he's out for 5 days at a time, sometimes 10 or 12, but he tries pretty hard to juggle things so he's not gone this long. This time it's 20 days, starting yesterday. A week in London, a week in Ireland, a day or two in Denmark, then a week in Norway. A real passport stamping opportunity.

Usually Thing 1 is the more unhappily melodramatic about him being gone, but this time they seem to be running a competition about who can be saddest he's out of town. Sigh.

There is apparently a tradition of taking a picture of your restaurant meal. Sometimes Hubby sends them to me. He sent me this of his late London lunch today. Proof he made it safe and sound, despite the best efforts of the volcano.

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  1. It is nice to see Thing 1 on the front page. What a cute photo!!!


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