Saturday, May 15, 2010


Thing 2 wrote a story in school. Each child was asked to pick a topic, then come up with six supporting facts about the topic, then write a story, or essay, about their topic and facts. The teacher then printed out the stories on nice paper with the top 1/2 blank for the kids to draw their illustrations, and had them all spiral bound. They read their stories to the parents at a party on Friday morning. Hubby was in town, it was kind of a big deal in their class so it was awfully nice the timing worked out for him to be there.

Thing 2's topic was her sister. She wrote about Thing 1's favorite things, what she likes to do, and when she was born. She drew a picture of the two towers falling down on Thing 1's birthday. Her illustration had sort of domino aspect about it, which is understandable as I'm not sure she's ever seen footage of the actual towers falling.

She did a great job, and spoke well too. The student teacher commented to us later how amusing it was that so many of the children wrote about pets. Many wrote about pets they wanted, how well they'd take care of it if they had a pet, what they'd do to earn the pet. Some wrote about pets they have, and one little boy in our group wrote about the cat his mother gave away for one reason or another. It was nice that Thing 2 broke from the pack, despite having a very nice and worthy pet, and wrote about Thing 1. A much more interesesting topic.

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