Monday, January 25, 2010

Gettin' outta Dodge

I didn't want to spend another weekend kicking around the house without hubby, so I decided to head 80 miles north to visit my sister and her family. She has horses, she has dogs, we love to go hang out with her.

Thing 1 got to play computer games without me bugging her to knock it off- I was too busy talking to my sister to notice.

 Thing 2 got to go horseback riding.

Kelso got to play with his doggy cousins.

We all relaxed.  It was lovely.

By the way, it should be noted that the dog now outweighs either of the girls.  At almost 6 months he's 50 pounds. 

Hubby got back Sunday afternoon, we left a little late, his plane landed early, and we raced south from my sister's to meet him at the airport.  It was so nice to see him!
The bad part is he leaves tomorrow morning for another week and a half stretch.  Galldarnit!!

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