Saturday, January 16, 2010

Early Morning

Saturdays are my days to sleep in.  No school, no church, and hubby is back in town and misses the girls and apparently enjoys getting up with them to watch cartoons and doze on the couch while they climb all over him.  I do not understand this, but I am very grateful for it.

I stupidly stayed up late last night, thinking I'd just sleep in this morning.  Even though Hubby is out of the country, surely the girls will be able to entertain themselves a little in the morning?
No such luck.  Thing 1 woke up at 6:30 and she went downstairs and let the dog out, then back in, and she hugged him and treated him, and he started barking.  So I came down and told him to Hush, which is starting to work sometimes, and settled him down on his bed next to where Thing 1 was playing Club Penguin on the computer and went back upstairs to bed.  But a few minutes after I tucked myself in he started barking again.  No one seems to know why, except that he's not getting enough walkies during the day, but what the heck?

So I went back downstairs and carried him upstairs and put him in the kennel, which is still in our room despite him not sleeping upstairs anymore. (I've just been lazy about taking it out to the garage.) He's getting heavy, or maybe since I haven't done this for a week I'm suddenly out of shape, but I think he's crossed the 50 pound mark.  It was almost 7:00.  I put him in the kennel, he laid right down, I climbed back in bed.

Sure enough, Thing 2 started calling me from across the hall in the kids' room.  I hollered back that she could come in and talk to me as easily as I could come talk to her... after several minutes of hollered conversation she did come in and talk to me, and eventually crawled into bed with me, where she proceeded to talk and wiggle and cuddle and wiggle and pet me and wiggle until about 7:45.  I finally told her she should get up.  She whimpered it was too dark.  I told her it is nearly light, she can be brave and go downstairs.  I pretended to go back to sleep.  Finally she got up.  I think I dozed for maybe three minutes and the dog started whimpering and making noise, I told him to hush but he ignored me.  Then I heard something and sat up only to find that Thing 2 hadn't gone downstairs, she'd been sitting there outside Kelso's kennel staring at  him.  So of course he was awake.  I groaned, she started crying, screaming "I'm sorry I'm sorry" so I pulled her into bed with me and tickled her and talked to her for a while about it's not any darker than the inside of your mouth than it is in the hall, there's nothing in there but legos and chairs and books and teeth and tongue and nothing to be afraid of.
This was from another day, but you get the idea.
She's way too cute to be mad at.

By now it's nearly eight thirty, and I was half ready to give in and get up.  I mean, really, it's time to get up.  It was light. But I was so tired.  I laid across the bed.  The dog was quiet in his kennel.  Thing 2 went into the hall and I could hear her calling to Thing 1 to come to the bottom of the stairs.  Making eye contact with her sister gave her the strength she needed to descend the perilous stairs and she was able to go down, I heard the door at the bottom of the stairs shut.  I thought there's probably no chance I could go back to sleep, I'm too awake now.  Sigh.

Next thing I know Thing 1 was leaning her head into my side.  "I'm hungry."  It was 8:50.  It had taken me 2 hours and 20 minutes to sleep an extra 10 minutes this morning.

I miss Hubby.

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