Thursday, May 7, 2009

Milk baby

Thing 2 was upset about a fight with Thing 1. I was cuddling her on the couch and talking her down. I started telling her what an amazing cute darling baby she was. We chatted for a while. She kept asking me to tell her more. I exhausted nearly every story I could think of off hand. Finally she asked me what she ate. I told her “Milk for about 6 months. Then you ate a kind of rice cereal stuff."
She said, “Burger?”
I’m thinking to myself you're five years old, you're capable of putting in the other little words in this sentence, the “Did I eat a” … part! But I said, “No, honey, babies don’t eat hamburgers.”
She said something about she saw on TV that if you have a baby, you need Burger.

“!! Oh… you mean Gerber!”
Just the sort of thing I would have mixed up myself. I laughed pretty hard.

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