Saturday, May 16, 2009

Funny girls

We were driving my niece home late at night. I had been desperate for a babysitter, and so had called my brother's girls, who I love and would have sit for me all the time but they live about 40 minutes away. So it's a trek to get out and back to get them. Thing 1 and 2 were in the back of the car in their pajamas

Thing 1 asked “Is this Illegal?”
“What? Taking you out so late at night?”
“No, riding in our pajamas.”

(hee hee)… “No, honey. It’s perfectly legal.”

A while back I told Thing 2 that when you’re from Scotland, a lot of things have “Mc” in front of their names, like the kindergarten teacher we like so well, Mrs. McDonald. So she started McTalking like a McScotsman. We Mcsaid McEverything with a Mc in Mcfront of it.

We were trying to Mctalk like McThis, having Mctrouble with our McSentences, but working in the Mcwords everywhere we McCould, and then I think I said something kind of Mcfunny. I can’t remember what. Thing 2 completely caught me off guard when she said “McLaugh! McLaugh! McLaugh!”

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