Friday, July 27, 2007

Thing 2 turns 4

It was Thing 2's first time for a friend birthday party. She wanted to have it at our house, but I didn't. It's awfully hot, and unfortunately the only place for us to do anything with the kids - any crafts or eating or anything, in the coolness of the house, is sitting right in front of the swamp cooler. If you turn off the swamp cooler, so the kids aren't blasted across the room, the temperature rises swiftly. So I copied someone else who recently invited us to a party, and we went to a swimming pool and had watermelon and chips on the lawn afterward. Then I took the kids over to a nearby kiddie ride place and bought them each a couple of rides.

The theme she picked was Hello Kitty. I made a cake, copying the picture on the invitation, and was quite pleased with how it turned out.

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