Monday, July 30, 2007

Bear Lake

We got an invitation to go to Bear Lake with my brother's family. It is funny that if you asked me ten years ago what my favorite thing in the world to do was, I would have told you waterskiing, but life kind of took me in a different direction, and that direction isn't really involved with watersports. Life does funny things. So here we are bumming a ride around the lake from my brother.

This is my brother sitting at the steering wheel.

The girls had a great time - this is them on the tube with their cousin.

They loved just riding around in the boat.

This is my brother skiing - he's pretty awesome. Yes, I hate that word, but yes, it applies in this case.

Grandma even came out for a ride in the boat. I decided not to put in the picture of my brother giving her a piggyback ride out to the boat that was anchored in the lake. You can picture that one in your head.

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