Sunday, October 1, 2006

Catching up

I should be in bed. Why is it that I always start writing when I should be in bed?

Thing 2 has been growing like a weed – neither one of them look like toddlers any more. I have two little girls. Thing 2 has been insisting she is a big girl, especially when we use “You’re not big enough” as an excuse for her to not do things she’s clearly not big enough to do, like playing pinball machines or stuff like that. She when she means “already” she says “airy,” when she goes to bed she can call ten times to have me marching up and down those stairs to help her clean her ears, band-aid her imagined wounds, listen to stories of her bad dreams (honey, I was just here two minutes ago, you couldn’t possibly have fallen asleep and had a dream since I was here last!), go potty, etc. etc. etc.

Thing 1 is my darling big girl, she put on three puppet shows for me today and is just so funny and cute… her skinny little body bouncing around.

Their childhood is slipping away and I feel like I’m not paying enough attention. I want to remember every moment, instead of trying to get them involved in something else so I can take a nap, or get something else done.

I did some work for my old company, Allen Communications, for the past couple of months. It was pretty hard trying to get anything done during what little time I had. Luckily I only needed to put in a couple hours a week at first, and then when the project got tight, my folks were in town babysitting Scott and Karma’s girls while they were in China. So a couple of days it worked for me to pick Thing 1 and Thing 2 up from school, drive them up to my brother’s house, then come back into town to work. I was able to fly to St. Louis overnight for a one day session with Boeing, the client, which I wouldn’t have been able to do either. Also helpful was the fact that Jeff has been in town since August 1st instead of traveling, while he’s been working on his book.

Right now, however, he is in San Francisco at a Microsoft conference. And I should have been in bed an hour and a half ago.

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to bed I go.

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