Wednesday, July 19, 2006


My brother's birthday today. I’m getting so far behind on even sending cards anymore…

Thing 2 is completely potty trained. Was before we even went to Chicago. She’s amazing. I knew she was ready for a while, I mean, she’s been talking since right after she could walk, practically. It amuses me that a woman in our ward is “potty training” her two year old. This is a little chunky girl who doesn’t talk much, apparently she can say “Yes” and “Hot” but in my experience that’s about it. The mommy puts her on the toilet every hour and she generally produces, but in my experience until the kid can talk to tell you they need to go… and until they’re READY… it’s just a lot of effort on Mommy’s part.

Okay. I was going to write more but the girls are announcing they need someone to play with them.

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