Thursday, July 6, 2006

Another day

Feeling a little overwhelmed.
I’m embarrassed to say I’ve been showering around noon lately. The past two or three days there are about five or six errands I need to run, four or less actually get done. The girls have been fabulous, it just seems like there’s always something else that needs to be done, and they get tired or fall asleep altogether, and errand running stops before it’s quite done. Today I planned on exchanging a fancy pen I bought for a new one, picking out a present for Thing 1’s friend Sophia’s birthday party on Monday, and picking up and delivering a cupcake for a little girl in Primary who had a birthday a week ago Wednesday. So far it’s four o’clock and we’re all dressed, but we haven’t left the house. I don’t know if we will, I really would like to take a nap. I also need to go around to all the doors of the Primary kids in the neighborhood to take a picture for something I decided to do for Sharing time on Sunday. That will involve taking the pictures and printing them out. Sigh.
Hubby comes in from India tomorrow around dinner time, and leaves Sunday for North Carolina. I really need to have all these errands run before he gets back tomorrow. I’ve also been working on keeping the house picked up more, the kitchen counter cleaned off and the sink clean. I’m working on some stains in the laundry, I sat on some pine sap, and there are ink stains in the pocket of one of Hubby’s white shirts. Of course I didn’t notice either stain until it made it through the washer and dryer… we’ll see if they come out. I’m bleaching out the ink, and someone on the internet suggested rubbing alcohol on the pine sap, which is smelling piney and appears to be working, if slowly.

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