Sunday, May 7, 2006

London day 4

We met Pat and Julia and the kids at the Tower tube stop at 10:30 or something. We caught a boat up the Thames to Greenwich, which was wonderful. There are lots of interesting buildings you can see from the river, it gives you an idea of how big and old London really is, and that’s only one part of it. Greenwich is fascinating, from the Cutty Sark tea ship (which set a world sailing ship record from London to America, I think,) and the Royal Observatory.

The history up there is very interesting, from the Longitude information to the general observatory information. I bought a wood picture of the Tower Bridge at the market, since our hotel was right by the bridge.

We took a boat back up the Thames to Westminster, where Pat and Julia took the kids home to do homework. Jeff and I opted to walk back to the Tower Bridge, which was quite a way. We stopped to see a Salvador Dali exhibit along the way, and had dinner at a fairly good restaurant… though everything is so outrageously expensive there. Just multiply the price on everything, and a dinner which was kind of expensive before just becomes outrageously expensive. And there aren’t a lot of restaurants to choose from around the Tower of London, where the hotel was. It’s kind of a business district.

We called home every night, I think, to check on the girls. They did just fine, hardly seeming to miss us at all. Mom would tell me the funny things they would say, and that they were keeping really busy with them, but the girls were fine.

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