Monday, July 4, 2016

Dog Proof Cat Feeder

We just added two kittens to our family.  I have resisted cats for a while, as I am a dog person really, but I have to admit it has been a fairly easy and amusing adjustment.  
Except for one thing.
The dog loves the kitty food.  
He is a good dog, but training him to stay out of the cat food seemed like a pretty hard thing when buying a dog proof cat feeder seemed like an easy thing.
Except they cannot be bought.  
I found one I liked on the internet, but alas and alack it isn't available anywhere I looked.
Here is the one I wanted.
I found it listed multiple times on pinterest, and the blog where this picture came from described it as prohibitively expensive, so they made their own.
I am not particularly handy and was kind of stuck.
Until I found this at IKEA

I bought two.  I figured it's a little small and I'd need a double wide.

Here's how I assembled it:

I attached two back pieces together using some 2 inch brackets from Home Depot.  The brackets fit just fine in the holes provided for regular assembly.  For steadiness I drilled some holes and added some dowels in between the two pieces, but you can't see that.

Then I assembled it according to the instructions, leaving out the middle piece and just making a rectangle instead of a square.

 There is a floor piece that just rests on the bottom - I cut off part of it with a hand saw so the kitties could climb up in the bottom.

I cut some IKEA placemats to cover the bottom, so the kitties wouldn't have to jump across the gap, and drips and spills wouldn't fall through.  I cut them with scissors, and went back and forth trimming just a little bit here and there, so it would be a pretty tight fit.  It ended up stabilizing the floor pieces, which just rest in there on a lip against the side.  I thought I'd have to nail or glue the floor down, but the placemats are holding it in place just fine.

The kitties can come up through the bottom and the dog can't get in.  I am so proud of myself I could bust!

I don't know what the fancy one on Orvis would have cost since it is now unavailable, but this cost me $80 for the two IKEA storage stools, $3.00 for the IKEA placemats, and about $5.00 for the brackets and dowels at Home Depot.  Roughly $88.00 total.  


  1. Just bought these, can't wait to assemble so I can get cat bowls OFF our breakfast bar!

  2. Thank you for this!! I was able to make it this weekend and the cats have made the adjustment. The best option, by far, compared to the rest.

  3. The only adjustment has been keeping the floor from moving. For now I have slid cardboard in to keep it from tipping. When I have another opportunity I will glue it down.

    1. I expected to have to glue or nail down the floor but the placemats are holding it tight, so far. Glad it worked for you!!!

  4. My other concern is that maybe other people have dogs more determined than mine. It might be necessary to add hinges and latches to keep the dog from knocking the top off. I don't know what to do if the dog is small enough to go up through the bottom where the cats get in, or so determined that it knocks the whole thing over. Good luck!!

  5. This looks great -- I'll likely wind up doing this, or a close variant. thanks!


  6. Thank you so much. It worked perfectly.

  7. Great idea and good job, Stacy! I love it! :)



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