Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Good Break

Our school district gives the kids a whole week off at President's Day.  We have spent most of those weeks visiting my parents, at a condo they rent in Oceanside, CA.    Hubby always wants to go to Disneyland for at least a couple of days.  We spend the rest of the time on the beach, or loafing around the condo and the area with my folks.  Blondie has become a fan of the thick milkshakes at Ruby's Diner at the end of the Oceanside Pier.

Blondie spent two days on the boogie board.  It was much warmer than usual, I actually went out with her and didn't even have a wet suit.  After her time in Oregon, Blondie has become a boogie board master.  She even got Red out for an afternoon and the two of them really had fun.

This year our Disneyland trip seemed especially magical.  We spent two days at Disney and passed the night in Anaheim.  The crowds were the lowest I've seen in  years.  I assume it was due to the measles outbreak.  I am opposed to other's misfortune resulting in our benefit, but there isn't too much I can do about it but benefit from it.  So we did.  The girls are old enough that we don't even go into Storybook land or Toon Town, we mostly bounce between the rides they like.  Thunder Mountain was open this year, which is a treat, because it often has been  under renovation when we've gone in the past.   And Red rode every ride we pushed her to go on.  Always before she has dragged her feet for Space Mountain, the Haunted Mansion, and Tower of Terror.  Actually we didn't get on the Tower this year, just timed it badly.  But we went on everything else, though the California Screamer is her favorite.  As we were walking around on the 2nd evening, the girls and Hubby were ahead of me and I saw this:

I know it's blurry and not the best shot but I think it is the first time I have seen my two girls just walking around being buddies like this.  They are not very physically expressive toward one another.  When one is feeling companionable toward the other, the other for one reason always seems prickly.  To have them both feeling companionable at the same time is pretty unusual.

Hubby said his goal was to get bored, and he didn't really make it.  

It was a really lovely vacation, it is just hard to balance wanting to stay longer, and wanting to come home.

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