Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Most Favorite Painting

Now that I say that… there are other paintings my girls have done that I really really like.  But today I'm going to say my most favorite is the one we commissioned a friend of mine to do.  I saw one she painted for someone else, and just loved it.  So I contacted her about doing one for us, and she did!  She is just so cute about it, she came over and we measured the space above the fireplace to figure out how big it should be.  She painted it pretty quickly, a mutual friend told me she fusses over them and works on them for a long time, but I think she did this in a couple of months.  I really love it, I love that it's impressionistic, and colorful, and that it's aspens that we see up here a lot.
Her name is Shelly Peters and her youngest son is Blondie's age.
She makes it very personal, and hides your initials in the painting.  Mine I can pick out easily, everyone else's I have to hunt for.  
She asked the girls to come paint on it.  They put a lot of the red in it.  She told me after that they are just the cutest, sweetest, loveliest girls ever… very complimentary of each other and just so darling.  :-)

Shelly told me she touched it up after the girls finished, she said there was A Lot of red in it and she had to take some out.  
She said she didn't want it to be obviously sunrise or sunset, and so it's either.  Which I like…
I am very tickled with it!

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