Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Anniversary Gifts - His and Hers Hot Water Heaters

We had planned on going skiing for our anniversary.  We have season passes, Hubby was in town, and we haven't been skiing together, just the two of us, this season.
We woke up to no water pressure.  One of our two hot water heaters had started trickling recently, and replacing it was on my list of things to do.  Now, why we have TWO hot water heaters is kind of unclear.  There is a hot tub in one of the bathrooms, but really?  That's the way it was when we moved in, and there's no one here to argue with. However, one of them got fed up with my cavalier attitude toward it and decided to show me how important it really is.  It burst sometime during the night and there was water about a half an inch deep in the storage room, and the pad was saturated under the carpet through the adjoining rooms.  We found the shut off valve and turned off the water.

It has become more and more apparent to me over the years that if you are in a crisis, I am probably not the person you would want by your side.  I spin.  I go into some weird irrational deal with what's in front of me mode.  Hubby told me to go call a disaster clean up company.  I told him I was too busy gathering towels.  I'd get to it in a minute, maybe after I got the girls to school, but right now I need to spread towels all over the floor.  Thankfully he recognized my inability to think straight and called a disaster clean up company himself.  I am SO GLAD he was home…

In addition to our usual rush to get the kids to school, we added moving furniture and books out of the flooded area.  About ten minutes after I got Thing 1 on the bus, the first guy from the clean up crew showed up and started helping us move stuff.  Within a couple hours he and his crew had moved the rest of our stuff, and had pulled the wet pad and were vacuuming.  I was on the phone with our insurance agent, and the adjuster hotline.   Hubby went and bought replacement hot water heaters, the clean up guys called their plumber friend to come install them.  I mentioned it was our anniversary, and they told me there was nothing more we could do, we should go skiing.  So Hubby and I did.  Not quite the day we had planned, but at least we were able to have a little together time.  I enjoy skiing with him a lot.

When we got home the plumber had just about finished, and there were fans and dehumidifiers roaring in the basement.  They ran them for two days, then everything was about as dry as it would get.  The Insurance adjuster came the next day, and everything seems to be going along fine.  I had been worried about what was covered and what wasn't, but I think most everything was.  Of course the lovely side-by-side hot water heaters Hubby bought us for our anniversary are totally not covered.  That's on us.

Now I just want it done so we can move back into the basement.

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