Monday, December 16, 2013

More Moose

After the moose munched our trees I'm kind of on the warpath against them.  In as much as I've chased them off a couple of times, and bought some "Deer Off" at the recommendation of a neighbor.  She gets a lot of moose, and she says this stuff has kept them off her apple tree.

She and I have time to talk while the Thing 1 and two other kids, including the other women's daughter, are at their Lego meeting at her house.  We are doing a First Lego League team this year, the other woman and I are the coaches.  We're having trouble getting much done at the meetings, mostly because we're trying to let the kids control what happens... even though it's driving the other mom and me crazy because a lot less gets accomplished at each meeting than she and I would like.  Sigh.

There are other factors too, like the day the moose showed up in her yard.  It started with the mom in front and the two babies on the side yard and the dad at the neighbors.  
 Then we all went out on the porch to see and the momma came up to investigate us..
She was really close to the house, but I felt pretty safe on the porch.
 I didn't get any good shots of the babies, but the dad moved into the back yard and posed for us.

I haven't tried the moose repellant yet, next year when my trees leaf out I will be drenching them.

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